Professor Shonku o Robu

In Giridih, Professor Shonku makes a robot and names it Robu. One unique feature of Robu is he can solve difficult mathematical problems. Professor Paumer from Germany sends a letter to Professor Shonku, desires to see his work (i.e. the robot) and invites him to Germany. Professor Shonku accepts the invitation and reaches Heidelberg, Germany. In Heidelberg, Robu amazes Professor Paumer by its intelligence and capability of solving mathematical equations. Professor Paumer tells Professor Shonku about Professor Borgelt who also has been researching on Robotics. Professor Borgelt meets Professor Shonku, checks Robu's intelligence and invites Professor Shonku to his palace. On the next evening, when Professor Shonku goes to Professor Borgelt's palace attending his invitation, Professor Borgelt gives him offer to buy his robot. When Professor Shonku rejects his offer, Professor Borgelt attempts to kill him. Robu miraculously saves Professor Shonku and Professor Shonku find a very surprising fact about Professor Borgelt's robotics research. ABC